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Jan 12, 2023 | Local Guides

Discover Where to Find the Best Burger In Nashville for a Sizzling Southern Taste

Nashville, known for its vibrant music scene and Southern charm, is also home to a thriving culinary landscape where the quest for the perfect burger is a beloved pursuit. From classic American diners to trendy gastropubs, the city’s diverse eateries offer a mouthwatering array of burgers that cater to every palate. Whether you crave a juicy, traditional cheeseburger or a gourmet creation loaded with unique toppings, Nashville’s burger joints deliver flavors that are as bold and eclectic as the city itself.

In this article, we’ll take you on a delicious journey through the best burger spots in Nashville, highlighting the must-try patties that make Music City a burger lover’s paradise.

Following is a list of the best burger joints in Music City:

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Elliston Place Soda Shop Restaurant | Wesley Mortgage

#1: Elliston Place Soda Shop Restaurant

Elliston Place is the perfect spot for classic ice cream and milkshakes. The menu has something for everyone, including the burger connoisseur, a favorite to many patrons. The diner’s Soda Shop Burger is more than a token burger. It boasts a rich 1/3lb Angus beef patty housed in an elaborate potato bun with your choice of garnishments. You also get to pick the sides, including French fries, mashed potatoes, onion rings, and even fried okra. The Soda Shop Burger also comes in kiddie size.

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2105 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203


#2: Martin’s BBQ Joint

Martin’s has a good BBQ menu and a burger menu. The options are Martin’s trusty cheeseburger, the brisket burger, and the southern “Paddy” melt. What the diner lacks in options is made up for in specialist quality. The burgers are full of flavor, a consequence of the diner’s policy of making food items in-house. A diner like Martin’s may be considered pricey, but one can’t complain about the quality.

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410 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201


Martin's Bar-B-Que | Wesley Mortgage
Burger Republic | Wesley Mortgage

#3: Burger Republic

No-nonsense burger lovers have no choice but to visit Nashville’s Burger Republic with ten elite-level burgers. They also offer the standard (but still great) American cheeseburger. The Tennessee Burger is a tasty offering of savory ground beef, smoked ketchup, crispy onions, and Jack Daniel’s honey glaze. Burger Republic is also home to the 96. This Angus beef burger has gained recognition as the “best burger” at the World Food Championships. It has glazed mushrooms, bacon, and shoestring fries. Or, test your might with the XXX Burger. Three times the beef, three times the cheese, and three times the bacon.

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6900 Lenox Village Dr #22, Nashville, TN 37211


#4: Gray & Dudley

Gray & Dudley is an artsy restaurant that offers just one burger. But what a burger it is! For Nashville’s twist on the cheeseburger, head north on 2nd Avenue any time after breakfast. Look for the “G&D Burger” with organic American cheese, charred onion, and the in-house sauce nestled in a sesame seed bun. At $18 (at the time of writing this guide), the burger is pricey, but the first bite will soothe the sting in your wallet.

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221 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201


Gray & Dudley | Wesley Mortgage
Dino's | Wesley Mortgage

#5: Dino’s

Opened in the ’70s, Dino’s stays true to its roots in an expanding city. Their cheeseburger is still cheaper than many restaurants. Dino’s Burger is one of the best. It is juicy, big, and loaded with toppings: sizzling patties, toasted buns, and a range of toppings, including fresh avocados and fried eggs. Grab one of their seasonal beers or a Mexican Coke to wash it down.

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411 Gallatin Ave Nashville, TN 37206


#6: Gabby’s Burgers and Fries

This lunch-only burger joint looks out of the 90s, with a blue and red color pallet, speedy service, and affordable prices. The restaurant is community-driven, where the regulars are known by name; they even hang their photos on the wall! Everything on their menu is impressive, from the burgers to the shakes. Their shakes are made with high-quality vanilla soft serve and house-made syrups, and their burgers are served fast, fresh, big, and juicy. And for those who love to solve a mystery, they have a password-protected secret menu. (Hint: the password is somewhere on the main menu.)

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493 Humphreys St. Nashville, TN 37203


Gabby's Burgers and Fries | Wesley Mortgage
The 404 Kitchen | Wesley Mortgage

#7: The 404 Kitchen

The 404 kitchen is legendary and known for serving high-quality, unique, and beautiful dishes. The 404 burger is no exception. While $24 may be lofty, it is worth every penny. The bun is an in-house creation dubbed “The Potato Muffin,” a cross between a classic potato bun and an English muffin. This buttered roll is covered in a sauce from housemade mayonnaise and truffled mushrooms. They throw on confit onions, thick slabs of Gifford’s bacon, and a double patty made from grass-fed Bear Creek Farms beef, cooked to your liking.

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507 12th Avenue S. Nashville, TN


#8: Hopdoddy

This local, eco-friendly bar has been serving fresh burgers to patrons since 2010. Plus, with “booze to-go,” you can take the party home. Try the Backyard BBQ burger. It combines Nashville flavors of smokey, tangy BBQ and the traditional cheeseburger.

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1805 21st Ave S Nashville, TN 37212


Hopdoddy | Wesley Mortgage

#9: The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden

The Pharmacy is the premier burger establishment, with 14 options. The famous Pharmacy Burger infuses iceberg lettuce, pickles, yellow cheddar, and onions. The Farm Burger is served with country ham and applewood-smoke bacon. However, the Stroganoff Burger has the finest bechamel, Swiss cheese, and sour cream. Describing the burger can never do it justice. The Pharmacy also has vegetarian options like the falafel burger or the black bean burger. You can also opt for the 100% vegan Pachanga burger with an Impossible patty, vegan cheddar, pico de gallo, and black bean salad.

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731 Mcferrin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206


#10: Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint

It doesn’t get more traditional than a beer and a well-done burger at Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint, a few yards from the famous Jefferson Street. Of course, burgers are the main attraction. Standard ham and cheeseburgers, along with a list of Jack Brown’s specialty burgers, including the Elvis, the Shocker, and the Jack on Piggy Back. The most unique option is Greg Brady, named after a character in The Brady Bunch. It consists of in-house mac ‘n’ cheese, American cheddar, and potato chips.

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1201 Villa Pl Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37212 

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