Best Nashville Neighborhoods

Jan 13, 2023 | Local Guides

Discover Your Perfect Spot: Top Neighborhoods in Nashville

Nashville, known for its rich musical heritage and Southern hospitality, is also a city of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, each offering its unique charm and character. From the bustling streets of Downtown and the historic charm of Germantown to the trendy vibe of East Nashville and the family-friendly appeal of Green Hills, there is a perfect neighborhood for everyone in Music City. Whether you’re seeking cultural attractions, lush parks, eclectic dining, or a close-knit community feel, Nashville’s neighborhoods have something to offer.

In this article, we’ll explore the best neighborhoods in Nashville, highlighting the distinct features and amenities that make each one a standout choice for residents and visitors alike. Discover where to experience the best of Nashville’s lifestyle, culture, and community.

Needless to say, Nashville is a booming metropolis full of art, culture, and food. Taking it all in can be overwhelming at times. Thus, below are the best neighborhoods in Nashville to narrow the search.

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The Gulch

The Gulch is ideal for the hip, artsy, and niche. It is a small segment of downtown that encompasses several art shops, cafes, and restaurants. Also, several high-end fashion boutiques can provide some retail therapy. 

  • Best Restaurant: Otaku Ramen Gulch
  • Best Coffee: Crema Coffee Roasters
  • Best Bar: Hops & Crafts
  • Best Entertainment: Rudy’s Jazz Room



A place lost in time. The buildings are historical, and the sidewalks are laid with brick. The suburb has many warehouses converted to artisan boutiques and restaurants. It’s a short drive from downtown but has a unique culture. Germantown is fabulous for long walks, surrounded by Victorian architecture.

  • Best Restaurant: Southern Social
  • Best Coffee: Steadfast Coffee
  • Best Bar: Germantown Pub
  • Best Entertainment: Dabble Studio
Germantown | Wesley Mortgage
Best Nashville Neighborhoods | Wesley Mortgage


East Nashville

This area has extensive nightlife and a more “off the beaten path” vibe. The shops are less focused on tourists, street art, and the food is often more affordable. Five Points Street is excellent for fine dining and bars, whereas Fatherland Street has various whimsical shops. 

  • Best Restaurant: Lockeland Table
  • Best Coffee: Ugly Mugs
  • Best Bar: Attaboy
  • Best Entertainment: Up-Down Nashville



Named after the Andrew Jackson Estate, the neighborhood’s center. The property is over 1,000 acres, featuring guided tours of the grounds and the house where President Jackson resided. Hermitage is also near Long Hunter State Park, which draws many sport fishers and canoers. The area is more expansive than most Nashville neighborhoods. Thus, it is less pedestrian-oriented.

  • Best Restaurant: Nadeen’s Hermitage Haven
  • Best Coffee: Elevate Coffee
  • Best Bar: Shooter’s Bar
  • Best Entertainment: Stardust Drive-in Theatre
Hermitage | Wesley Mortgage
Midtown | Wesley Mortgage



During the day, Midtown is a pleasant urban environment with laid-back lunch options and a few cafes. It is also home to Centennial park, where locals and Vanderbilt students can enjoy the outdoors. The area is full of rock music and colored LED lights at night.

  • Best Restaurant: Hattie B’s Hot Chicken
  • Best Coffee: Three Brothers Coffee
  • Best Bar: EXIT/IN
  • Best Entertainment: The Rabbit Hole VR


Downtown Nashville

Downtown is the bustling hub of Music City. Broadway has the most famous honky-tonks and music venues. It is perfect for a high-energy exploration, with crowded sidewalks, busy eateries, and numerous shops. It is also home to the Johnny Cash Museum and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

  • Best Restaurant: The Standard
  • Best Coffee: Elixr Coffee
  • Best Bar: Tootsies Orchid Lounge
  • Best Entertainment: Johnny Cash Museum
Downtown Nashville | Wesley Mortgage
Music Row | Wesley Mortgage


Music Row

Music Row is where many musicians, labels, record companies, and studios (like the historic RCA Studio B) call home. This neighborhood has cranked out many hits by superstars like Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton, the heart of the country music industry. 

  • Best Restaurant: Urban Cookhouse
  • Best Coffee: Just Love
  • Best Bar: Losers Bar and Grill
  • Best Entertainment: RCA Studio B Tours


12 South

Home to the Iconic “I Believe in Nashville” mural, 12 South is a residential area that maintains a leafy, green atmosphere despite being within the city. This neighborhood is frequented for its fine dining options, salons, and upscale boutiques.

  • Best Restaurant: Josephine
  • Best Coffee: Steadfast Coffee
  • Best Bar: Ember Ski Lodge
  • Best Entertainment: 12 South Farmer’s Market
12 South | Wesley Mortgage
Hillsboro-Belmont | Wesley Mortgage



This cozy neighborhood is full of hip cafes, indie clothing shops, laid-back hangout spots, and modern restaurants. The area attracts many students from Belmont and Vanderbilt, making it a “college town”; however, it also has landmarks dating back to the 1850s. These two factors make this neighborhood a unique combination of innovation and history. 

  • Best Restaurant: Outlander’s Chicken
  • Best Coffee: Bongo Java
  • Best Bar: The Villager Tavern
  • Best Entertainment: Historic Belcourt Theatre


The Nations

This west Nashville neighborhood was once primarily residential, but as the city has expanded, it has become a business and retail hub. The Nations is an “up and coming” neighborhood, with new shops opening their doors weekly. This area is perfect for those looking for local, novel places to visit.

  • Best Restaurant: Oscar’s Taco Shop at The Nations
  • Best Coffee: Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes
  • Best Bar: 51 North Taproom
  • Best Entertainment: Cool Stuff Weird Things
The Nations | Wesley Mortgage

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